Tadao Ando 安藤 忠雄

Seeking the Possibilities in Architecture

Speaker: Tadao Ando
Date: 24 November, 2008 (Monday)
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: The University of Hong Kong
Live at Rayson Huang Theatre (by invitation only)
Live telecast at Meng Wah Complex T2, T6 and T7 (open to public)


認識Tadao Ando是因為我有一個讀archi的roommate,所以聽得多都吹得兩嘴什麼Tadao Ando、Frank Lloyd Wright、Frank Gehry等等。難得殿堂級的Ando-san現身在HKU,一定要把握機會去見識他的風采。

雖然預備了三個lecture hall做現場telecast,仍然全場逼爆,觀眾多得連樓梯都坐滿了人。Tadao Ando的魅力果然非同凡響!在HKU Architecture Dean的介紹下,只見一名頭髮略長且帶點不羈的中年男士上台整理headset。咦!真人比相靚仔好多喎!…OHHH…原來呢個係翻譯…… 此時Ando的真身才徐徐現身台上。Hmmmmm…真人原來跟相差不多咁……



* You need a few visits to the great architectures to understand them. For example, when I went to the Parthenon in Greece, 1st time I saw its shape; 2nd time I saw how it used the light; 3rd time I saw some people just sitting there and sing, and it made me realize architecture wasn’t just about space. It was like talking to your spirit and it was more than just what you see

* In architecture, sometimes you put fake things in reality; sometimes you put reality in fake environments

* (Looking at the old bird-eye view of Tokyo and Osaka) There was no urban planning in the buildings. It was important to create the skyline for a city as well as preserving the nature and culture of it

* Good architecture is about understanding people and their needs

* When you have created ideas that are good, you shall not be discouraged and afraid of rejection; but shall continue to keep pitching

* The power of architecture is not about size, but about what the buildings possess

* Architecture is about dealing with owners wishes and budgets, but being able to input your own creativity under the constraints

* (About the Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima) The dream of the owner was to bring people who appreciates architecture together and come to the island

* You have to be energetic to be creative

* Each person has his own way of interpretation: what they see may not be what you expected

* (About the Sea Forest project in Tokyo Bay) We are creating this artificial island on a landfill. We are looking to plant 500,000 trees on the island. At present, if you look at the earth from the outer-space, you could only clearly see the Great Wall in China. I hope that in the future you can see this island in Tokyo Bay as well. At each seminar I lectured, I asked the guests to each contribute $10 for the 500,000 trees. So far I have already received donations from over 230,000 people

* You need to be active on environmental protection and against the global warming

Tadao Ando - Seeking the Possibilities in Architecture
Tadao Ando - Seeking the Possibilities in Architecture

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