Run for Your Lives… or Risk for Your Lives?

Run For Your Lives

Dear RFYL,

Thank you for bringing such a fun and exciting race to Hong Kong this year. It is something we never tasted here before and I really enjoyed it.

As it was organized for the first time in Hong Kong, I totally understood and accepted the race would not be perfect, and I am sure your organization would review to make the race even better next year. To assist, there is one particular point I would like to raise your attention.

I was a 9am Zombie stationed at the area after the maze and before the Survivors entering into Zone B. Right before we were about to finish our “duty” at 10am, there is this one expat Survivor trying to run away from our zombie attack. I was the zombie standing in front of him while he was running at full speed at around 50m away from me. I stood still and waiting for his next move so I could try to catch his tag. This Survivor, however, just literally RUN OVER ME with full speed. I was pushed to the ground, with one of the shoes shaken off, and my hip was badly bruised! I was VERY LUCKY that I fell backward on my hip but not sideways, else I was pretty sure to get a fractured elbow!

I know that your organization has already advised (warned) the participants to stay away from body contact, and there are always someone who doesn’t follow the rule. However, I am furious and disappointed that all of the 4 staff DID NOTHING after witnessing the incident. Such a violent and dangerous Survivor should be DISQUALIFIED immediately! You are risking the safety of other zombies by allowing such Survivor to continue in the race! It was well written on your website that such incident would not be tolerated!

Do NOT cause direct and intentional physical contact with any Zombie. Those in violation of this rule will be automatically disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund.”

In fact, there are other zombies in our area who got hit on their forehead, pushed away when they tried to catch the flag, and even got a twisted thumb that need assistance from the first-aid team. 

I hope that your organization will provide more training to your staff regarding the importance of safety in your future races. It was pretty obvious that the 4 staff at our area only had instruction on the logistics of the race but nothing much about safety. When I asked them why they didn’t stop that Survivor after seeing me being run over intentionally, they looked lost and helpless, and only suggested me to talk to their manager.

Thank you for your attention. I wish you have more success in the future RFYL races.


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